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A novel bed bug pheromone-based lure with unique patented technology

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The                     Lure


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                uses a patented formulation designed to attract bed bugs by mimicking their natural aggregation pheromone. Improves the detection and monitoring of infestations.
The Lure
Protective sachet


BugScents packaging
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Why                    ?


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Rapid & Effective

Precision detection

Environmentally friendly

Highly targeted

Extended shelf-life


Long-lasting formulation

Based on innovative, patented technology
(patents granted: GB, EP, US, HK, AUS)

Detects up to 100% of infestations

within four hours

Works up to 3 months, dependent on
environmental conditions

Compatible with a wide range of trap types and designs

Attract and detect even a single bed bug before infestations take hold

Exceeds 18 months at room temperature

Uses an industrially biodegradable polymer matrix

Targets all adult and nymph stages of bed bugs

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Patented Technology with over a decade of research

Global Patent

10+ Years of

World Experts

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs infest living areas, feeding on the blood of residents and pets. 

  • Bed bugs can be found across the globe

  • Up to 97% of early stage infestations can go undetected*.

  • Bed bugs are a significant and growing segment of the global pest control market. 

  • Early detection provides higher customer satisfaction: Early and low-level infestations are currently difficult to identify, but easier to treat. 

  • Promote an on-going service: Regular checks can provide peace of mind.

*Siedel & Reinhardt, 2013. Bugging Forecast: Unknown, Disliked, Occasionally Intimate. Bed Bugs in Germany Meet Unprepared People

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How to Use

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Open the box

Open the packaging box and remove one of the protective outer sachets.

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Take Out Lure

Carefully open the protective sachet along the dotted line. Avoid cutting and damaging the internal lure sachet. 
Do NOT open the internal sachet.

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Place in Trap

Place internal lure sachet into monitoring trap and follow the trap manufacturer’s instructions on trap use.

For safety information please click below:

How to use

Where to Buy

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                      bed bug lure can be purchased directly from across the globe from our distribution partner:


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Killgerm is the UK’s leading pest control product supplier and provider of training and technical support. 


They are dedicated to bringing you the largest range of innovative products first, providing you with the tools you need that make a difference. 

Arctech Innovaton

                    is a technology developed by Arctech Innovation (Formally Vecotech) for the purpose of improving global bed bug detection and control.

Arctech Innovation is the first spin out from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. It is an IP-driven company uniquely placed to translate game-changing research into technology and product applications. Arctech Innovation's proprietary technology platform  is based on bio-inspired design and purpose-driven innovation to address the world’s biggest public health challenges. 

Arctech Innovation's mission is to advance scientific discoveries to improve public health across the globe. Our focus is on developing products that not only address market needs but also have strong social impact



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