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Bring peace of mind to your customers with active monitoring and confirmed detection of bed bugs using BugScents™ solutions

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Why choose BugScents™

Scientifically proven

Developed by world leading bed bug experts over 10+ years of scientific
research, our solutions are rigorously
tested so you know they work.  

Proprietary technology 

Our innovative solutions are powered
by a patented lure formulation for
early detection of bed bugs
(patents granted: GB, EP, US, HK, AUS).

Rapid and effective

We value quality and make sure our solutions are rapid and effective,
with 100% confirmed bed bug detection achieved in 24 hours.

The creators of BugScents™

Experts in chemistry and insect behaviour

Our BugScents™ solutions were developed through a decade of research by scientific experts at the world-renowned London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Arctech Innovation, co-founded by Professor James Logan.

We offer more than just a product – pest controllers who use BugScents™ can access our wealth of expertise, education and knowledge on beg bug biology and behaviour to better improve their own service to customers.

Arctech Innovation
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Scientific microscope

This is a bug’s world. We will never eradicate every single bed bug. Our pioneering and innovative BugScents™ solutions allow us to live smarter in a bug’s world. 

Professor James Logan

Professor James Logan

CEO and Co-Founder of Arctech Innovation (creators of BugScents™)

The increasing problem of bed bugs

Early detection is key to control

Bed bugs are everywhere, from youth hostels to luxury hotels. They are a significant and increasing global problem, driven by the return to pre-pandemic levels of travel, resistance to commonly used insecticides and climate change.

In the UK, reported bed bug incidents have more than doubled since the Paris outbreak, according to findings from Rentokil Initial, whilst bed bug callouts have soared by a fifth in London in a year.

Unfortunately, people are finding themselves in situations where they will, perhaps unknowingly, live alongside bed bugs.

With early and rapid detection of bed bugs, through active monitoring, these people are far less likely to be bitten and it will be much easier and quicker for the pest controller to treat an infestation.

Bed bug
Bed bug
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